Style Lend connects powerful women with their dream closet - we helped them build a community.

The Process +

In developing detailed and concrete buyer personas, we helped Style Lend build a community of women - each connected by their obsession for environmentally sustainable fashion.

As collaborations began with the Style Lend team, we all quickly realized that peer-to-peer fashion rentals are far more than accessing designer clothes at a fair price. What Style Lend is really offering is a sense of community for women,all centered around their unique wardrobes. In developing personas for the key players in the community, we were able to target, connect and empower the right women through Style Lend's innovative platform.

Our Tools +

With Mailchimp we were able to expand the community by reconnecting with individuals who have been absent, while nurturing new connections.

  1. Setting up a drip email campaign to engage with new community members.
  2. Reach out to users who haven’t engaged with us in over 60 days.
  3. Showcase exciting new products and lenders

Facebook Ads was an integral part of the growth process for Style Lend. Initially used as a means to increase analyzable traffic, optimizations were in place, we were able to develop campaigns that lowered CAC from $50 to $21, boosting Style Lends LTV:CAC ratio from 1.3:1 to 2.8:1. With Google Ads we were also able to reconnect with inactive Mailchimp subscribers, resulting in 34% returning to active status.

Through Hotjar we were able to track users activity on the platform to better assess painpoints and enhance user experience. With the data we collected, changes were made to the sign up, checkout and rental upload experience which resulted in a 27% increase in conversions across the board.