Lifstil Foods joins keto food producers with consumers - together we built an innovative user interface.

Lifstil Foods is an innovative platform that provides resources for those currently active on/ looking to adopt the Ketogenic Diet. By providing the necessary resources to both Keto related small businesses as well as their patrons, Lifstil Foods has been able to play an important role in the rapid progression of the lifestyle.

Working with Lifstil Foods, we were tasked with building a user interface that allowed for business owners to seamlessly upload their products to the platform. Likewise, we needed to create an interface that provided the user with a premium experience that leads to conversion.

Prior to Lifstil Foods joining the Shockmouse family, they operated on a static system that, following the buzz of initial launch, fell flat. User experience was lacking, and therefore so was conversions. After our reconstruction of the platform, Lifstil Foods saw a 48% in conversion combined with a drastic increase in user retention.


For the consumer looking to interact with new and exciting brands, we developed a dynamic user experience that matched users with products they were likely to enjoy, while still display a consistent feed of new vendors for them to check out. We utilized user testing platforms along with Hotjar to monitor website interactions, allowing us to streamline user painpoints throughout the development process.


What we ended up developing for producers was a sophisticated portal that connected to Shopify/WooCommerce for easy product upload, in conjunction with a rapid page builder allowing store owners to customize the look and feel of their shops.